Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas wishes do come true...

Unlike most people, I tend to have all my important e-mail filtered to my junk e-mail on my hotmail account. That way its easier to find all the really pressing matters that must be attended to as soon as possible. Hotmail has a system that clears your junk mail every 10 days. This forces me to go in asap and view anything in there for fear I may lose something. Luckily I caught this most fortunate email before it got shipped off to the junk mail graveyard...

I'm pretty sure the content is safe for me allow hotmail to push it through...
 First off the "FROM" line... This is a respectable email it looks like. noreply@insert random (Please don't click that link it won't work and I don't want to be responsible for what will occur.) Luckily per the "TO" section, I am marked as an "Undisclosed recipient" because I sure as hell don't want anyone to know about my search for Local Hookups.. I suppose they could work on making better "SUBJECT" lines.

Microsoft smart screen has determined that this message may not be something I am looking for, what the hell do they know anyways? But anyhow it seems one by the name of "Blondsasha" is looking for me to have a sexual encounter. But not just any sexual encounter... a discreet one at that! Generally it's good practice for discreet things to go through a middle man. That's where comes in to play... (again do not click that link).

I'm assuming that since this is discreet... If I go to the website and do as they ask, such as setting up a profile that this will be the most secure site ever and not post any of my information elsewhere or makee it available to anyone else. Except of course, those looking to have discreet sexual encounters. My greatest fear in life is that this site could be fooling me and looking to fish my credit cards or any other information out of me for other use, besides sexual encounters of the discreet variety, not that any website has ever tried to do that before.

Thankfully though they gave me incentive in the form of a private gallery and an online chat session. That way Blondsasha and I can get to know each other a little better before said encounter. Though I'm pretty sure 'speed dating for tail' should probably be less talking and more encountering. And lastly they give me the option to cut ties from my searches for encounters by way of a remove email link. Which I'm fairly sure will ask me if I am 100% sure I am done looking for discreet encounters.

The only thing I really need to research about this request at this time is the liability side of things. Like what if my discreet encounter is found out by others or what if their is a conflict in schedule? I must go and check this out to see what the pros and cons of using this service may entail.

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